*** No cross-country ski rental on Saturday and Sunday ***

*** Nous sommes à capacité maximale pour le reste de la journée, à l’exception des membres. ***

18 Sep
The center is closed

TARIFS fatbike

Lovers of Bike, the Gai-Luron thought of you ! With its 9 KM laid-out trail, you will have the chance to ride all winter. Take advantage of our online purchase to get your pass and have more time to hit the trail!!

Access to fatbike trails

For fans, enjoy your winter in Fatbike at the center Gai-Luron or allow you to discover this wonderful winter sport but beware! Trying is adopting !

Adulte 14.00$ 16.00$
Teenager (13-17 y/o) 12.00$ 15.00$
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Season pass for biking

Enjoy a season pass to practice your sport anytime! Your time is precious? With the season pass you can enjoy your passion every day!

Teenager (13-17 y/o) 110.00$
Adulte 140.00$
Couple 210.00$
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